Crulic - Path to Beyond

Feature film

Anca Damian

Country : Romania / Poland
Year : 2011
Genre : 2D Animated Documentary
Lenght : 1h13
Information : Color/black & white/vostfr-35mm/DCP

Screenplay : Anca Damian
Cinematography : Ilija Zogowsky
Draws and animation : Dan Panaitescu, Raluca Popa, Roxana Bentu, Tuliu Oltean, Dragos Stefan
Editing: Catalin Cristutiu
Sound : Piotr Witkowsky, Sebastian Wlodarczyk
Music : Piotr Dziubek
Producers : Anca Damian

Voices : Vlad Ivanov (Crulic), Sandrine Bonnaire (narrator in the french version), Jamie Sives (narrator dans la orignial version)

Production : Aparte Film
Distribution : Fondivina

Download the french press kit here

Press kit Le Voyage de Mr Crulic.pdf Press kit Le Voyage de Mr Crulic.pdf


This movie tells the true story of Crulic, a 33 years-old Romanian, absurdly dead in a polish jail, after a hunger strike following a judiciary mistake.

Anca Damian takes us into an ironic tale Crulic tells us beyond the grave, in voiceover. Alternately funny, touching, absurd, squeaky and revolting, this documentary explores different techniques of animation, which embody and gives life to this story. 

Anca Damian

Born in 1962 in Romania, Anca graduated from the Theater and Film Academy in Bucarest, in the film section. She has a PhD in Arts, Cinema and Media. She first worked as a director of photography on shorts and full length movies, and also documentaries, then as a director, screen player and producer for several winning documentaries. Crulic - Path to Beyond is her second feature movie, he won the Cristal of the feature film at the Animation Film Festival in Annecy in 2012.


Rencontres croisées (2008), Crulic - Path to Beyond (2011)


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