Under Control


Volker Sattel

Country : Germany
Year : 2011
Length : 1h38
Genre : Documentary
Information : Color/Vostf

Screenplay : Volker Sattel, Stefan Stefanescu
Cinematography : Volker Sattel, George Chiper-Lillemark
Editing : Stephan Krumbiegel
Sound : Nikolaus Woernle, Filipp Forberg
Music : Volkan Akmehmet, Inanc Sanver
Producers : Susann Schimk, Jörg Trentmann 

Distribution : Credo Films


The documentary Under Control unmasks the German nuclear landscape. The overall view which it proposes, illustrates the real challenges presented by nuclear energy and the immense efforts man must go to in order to tame it.

Through compelling images that we seem to discover for the first time and in the guise of an industrial film, Under Control could be part of a new genre: documentary science fiction. Yet we are at the heart of this monstrous reality which only cinema can make us see. 

Volker Sattel

Born in Speyer am Rhein in 1970, he studied at the Filmakademie Baden-Würtemberg in the documentary department, direction and cinematography. Since then he has realized projects as Director of Photography and director, especially in the documentary genre and the field of experimental feature film in cooperation with Mario Mentrup. Moreover he was private lecturer at the KHM Köln and the HFF “Konrad Wolf” in Potsdam. He won the Gerd Ruge scholarship for Under Control.


040 (1999), Unternehmen Paradies (2002), After Effect (2005)Rodakis (2007), Legenden (2008), Under Control (2011)


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