Trois huit

Feature film

Philippe Le Guay

Country : France
Year : 2001
Length : 1h35
Genre : Fiction
Information : Color 

Screenplay : Philippe Le Guay, Régis Franc, Olivier Dazat
Cinematography : Jean-Marc Fabre
Music : Yann Tiersen
Sound : Laurent Poirier
Editing : Emmanuelle Castro
Producer : Bertrand Faivre, Adeline Lecallier, Alain Rocca

Cast : Gérald Laroche, Marc Barbé, Luce Mouchel, Bastien Leroy, Bernard Ballet

Production : France 3 Cinéma, Canal +, Les Productions Lazennec
Distribution : Le Pacte


As a worker in a glass factory, Peter's life is perfectly regimented between his job, his wife, his son and his little house. He decides to change from working days to nights. In his new team, he comes across Fred, a charismatic and violent man. Fred shouts it about that Peter is his friend. In reality, he has made him his ouch bag and never misses an opportunity to bully or humiliate him.

Philippe Le Guay

He was born in 1956 and studied at IDHEC. He started his carrier as a co-writer, before to direct his first feature. Occasional actor, he also worked for the television, filmmaking film for TV, continuing to make films in parallel. On 6 films realized until now, 3 of them starring Fabrice Luchini, his favorite actor. He’s processing his seventh film, Alceste à bicyclette.


Les Deux Fragonard (1989), L’Année Juliette (1995), Trois huit (2001), Le Coût de la vie (2003), Du jour au lendemain (2006), Les Femmes du 6ème étage (2011)


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