Short film

Michaela Pavlátová

Country : France
Year : 2012
Length : 7’
Genre : Animation
Information : Color/Without dialogue

Animation : Michaela Pavlátová
Screenplay : Michaela Pavlátová
Sound : Daniel Memec
Music :  Midi Lidi
Editing : Michal Bufil
Producer : Ron Dyens and Pavel Strnad

Production : Sacrebleu Productions


A tramway driver’s fantasies and urges transform reality into a surreal and phallic delirium – music maestro!

Michaela Pavlátová

Artist, director and animator, Michaela Pavlàtovà was born in Czech Republic, and graduated from VSUP, Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague. She won a lot of international prices with her shorts Words, Words, Words and Repete. In 2001 she tries the documentary field with About Grandmother, and it’s in 2003 that she directed her first feature film, Faithless GameTram won the Annecy Cristal in 2012. She now teaches in many schools of art and animation (Prague, San Francisco, Harvard).

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