La Tendresse

Feature film

Marion Hänsel

Country : Belgique 
Year : 2013
Lenght: 1h19
Genre : Fiction
Infos : Color

Screenplay : Marion Hänsel
Cinematography : Jean Vancaillie
Editing : Michèle Hubinon
Music : René-Marc Bini
Producers : Marion Hänsel, Cedomir Kolar, Ernst Szebedits

Cast : Olivier Gourmet, Maryline Canto, Adrien Jolivet, Sergi Lopez

Production : Man's films Production
Distribution :



Frans and Lisa, divorced for 15 years, rediscover each other during a two-day journey to go and pick up their son, who has been hospitalized.What do they still feel for each other; indifference, bitterness, jealousy? Or perhaps complicity, friendship, and even love.

Marion Hänsel

Belgian, Marion Hänsel was born in 1949 in Marseille. Writer, director, producer and actress, she performed in many theater in Brussels before becoming an film director. She set up her own company, Man’s Films in 1977. En 1985, she adapts Dust a JM Coetzee’s book and wins Lion d'argent in Venise Film Festival. In 1987, she directed  Les Noces barbares  from Yann Queffelec’s novel, Goncourt winner. Then comes other feature films like Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea in 1995 or The Quarry in 1998. Nuages was selected at the 2nd European Film Festival in Essonne in 2000. In 2006 she directed iin Djibouti’s desert  Si le vent soulève les sables and Noir Océan in 2010. Her last movie La Tendresse was in last Rotterdam Film Festival and release in France in october 2013.




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