Pays de cocagne

Feature film

Pierre Etaix

Country : France
Year : 1971
Length : 1h20
Genre : Fiction
Information : Color 

Screenplay : Pierre Etaix 
Cinematography : Georges Lendi
Editing : Michel Lewin, Raymond Lewin
Sound : 
Paul Habans

Interprètes : Pierre Etaix

Production : CAPAC
Distribution : 
Carlotta Films



People on holidays and an advertising tour shown through Pierre Etaix’s eye. This is day-to-day unintentional comic, a treasure of life that is unexpected and irresistible.

Pierre Etaix

Born in 1928 in Roanne. The word that comes to mind when trying to summarize Pierre Etaix’s life and work is « clown ». His work in circus, music hall, cinema, his writings and pictorial work all testify to his being a worthy heir to a long clowning tradition which he has successfully transmuted into his films, just as his predecessors -from Charlie Chaplin to Buster Keaton did in their time. Illustrator, gagman, musician, director, theater set designer, mime, filmmaker, man of television, poet, Etaix started on stage and never left it. He has been however fascinated by cinema and he started working in filmmaking with Jacques Tati bringing his personal touch through accessories and drawings. He became a director at the beginning of the 60’s working with his friend Jean-Claude Carrière. In 1962, his short film Heureux Anniversaire won the Academy Award for Best Short Film. 10 years of collaboration with Jean-Claude Carrière produced five feature-length films -among which are Yoyo (1965) and Le Grand Amour (1969) and three short films.


La Rupture (cm, 1961), Heureux Anniversaire (cm, 1962), Le Soupirant (1963), Yoyo (1965), Tant qu'on a la Santé (1966), Le Grand amour (1969), En pleine forme (cm, 1971)


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