Patrice Leconte

Director, Scriptwriter

We are delighted to welcome Patrice Leconte for an original talk session during the festival. His films, considered now as cult films, left a mark on French cinema (Who doesn’t know by heart some of the lines of his films?). Patrice Leconte, who has kept surprising us over the years (exploring various genres) makes a cinema, which is altogether mainstream, demanding, creative, hilarious, poetic, moving and responsive to others’ films. He has had for 40 years a very unique place in French cinema.


Friday November 13th - Cinema Le Cyrano (Montgeron)

8pm30: Conversation with Patrice Leconte

9pm45 :Screening of Le Mari de la coiffeuse

Patrice leconte2

Patrice Leconte joined the IDHEC cinema school (now La fémis) in 1967 and began with making short films. His meeting with the Splendid team, which offered him to adapt the play Amours, coquillages et crustacés for the cinema (Les Bronzés, 1978) really launched his career. The film was so successful that a second part, Les Bronzés font du ski, was rapidly produced. In 1985, Patrice Leconte became involved in very different film genres going from action films (Les Spécialistes staring Gérard Lanvin and Bernard Giraudeau) to intimate drama (Tandem, 1987, with Gérard Jugnot et Jean Rochefort).

Later on, Patrice Leconte turn to author’s cinema making the disturbing Monsieur Hire nominated at Cannes, the sensual Mari de la coiffeuse (1990), awarded the Louis Delluc Prize, and the sophisticated Ridicule (1996), which triumphed at the César Award Ceremony. At the end of the 1990’s, Patrice Leconte pursued his cinematographic journey making drama, including La Fille sur le pont and author’s films, including Félix et Lola. In 2004, he made a documentary film on symphony music, Dogora : Ouvrons les yeux, before surprisingly returning to his debut with Les Bronzés 3 amis pour la vie (2005). The multitalented filmmaker decided in 2012 to try animation cinema adapting Jean Teulé’s bestseller, Le Magasin des suicides. In 2014, he went back to his first love, comedy, adapting a successful play, Une heure de tranquillité, and working again with Christian Clavier.