Le Petit Gruffalo

Program of animation short movies

4 animation short movies

From 4 years-old

Country : Great-Britain/Japan/Netherlands/Switzerland
Date : 2010-2012
Genre : 2D Animation, and puppets
Durée : 43 min
Infos : Color/35 mm-DCP

Production : Studio Soi
Distribution : 
Les films du préau




Footsteps in the Snow of Makiko Sukikara : It’s winter at night and the snow is like a beautiful white carpet. A little dormouse is coming out of hibernation and finds footprints bigger than its.  It decides to follow them…

A Hare's Path of Lotte van Elsacker : A young hare comes out of his den and his mom explains him tenderly the world around him. Behind prey birds and fox’s shadows, danger is everywhere. Nature is neither always peaceful nor beautiful. But this is life…

The Bird and The Leaf of Lena von Döhren : On a nude branch still fleets a gold leaf. A breath of air and here it is, taken through the white wintry forest. Immediately, the little bird flies and dashes joyfully in its pursuit. The fox is already licking its chops…

The Gruffalo's Child of Johannes Weiland and Uwe Heidschötter : His father warned him : in any case, the Little Gruffalo can walk alone deep in the forest. It’s too dangerous! An animal roams around… a huge, terrifying creature, with cruel eyes and sharp whiskies like blades. It’s the Terrible Mouse! After the huge success of The Gruffalo, let’s discover this new adaptation of a famous title of youth literature.

Johannes Weiland and Uwe Heidschötter

Both germans, they head toward classic animation cinema studies. They are animators in differents studios, in Germany or in Great-Britain. Their first corealisation was on the animation feature film The Little Boy and The Beast (2009), which recently won the prestigious Gold Cartoon of the best european animation movie. They find themselves again for The Gruffalo's Child, in 2011.


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