The Plague Dogs

Feature film

Martin Rosen

From 11 years-old

Country : Great-Britain
Year : 1982
Length : 1h26
Genre : Animation
Information : Color/VF

Screenplay : Martin Rosen, from the novel of Richard Adams
Animation : Brad Bird, Tony Guy
Music : Alan Price, Patrick Gleeson
Editing : Richard Harkness
Producer : Martin Rosen

Voices : John Hurt, Patrick Stewart, Christopher Benjamin, James Bolam

Production : Nepenthe Productions
Distribution : Splendor Films


Two dogs, Snitter and Rowf, escape from a research lab and try to survive with the help of a clever fox, The Tod. As the director of the lab tries to hide this escape, sheeps are found dead and a rumor is spreading: the dogs are carriers of the plague…

Martin Rosen

He directed two animation movies, Watership Down in 1978 and The Plague Dogs in 1982, both adapted from the novels of Richard Adams, with his production company Nepenthe Productions. Those features will be released for the time in France in 2012. Martin Rosen went into the theatrical production and traditional cinema, without success. At the end of the 1990s he founded an animation TV show for television, based on the characters of the Watership Down, and still working as a producer in parallel. 


Watership Down (1978), The Plague Dogs (1982)


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