The Centrifuge Brain Project

Short film

Till Nowak

Country : Germany
Year : 2011
Lenght : 7’
Genre : experimental fiction
Information : Color/Vostf

Screenplay : Till Nowak
Cinematography : Ivan Robles Mendoza
Sound : Andreas Radzuweit
Editing : Till Nowak
Special Effects : Till Nowak
Producer : Till Nowak

Cast : Leslie Barany

Production : FrameboX


The « Centrifuge Brain Project » is a scientific experiment that started in the 1970’s. it involves an amusement park to enhance peoples’ brain capacity. Dr Laslowicz explains the project. He believes that centrifuging people with 20000 horsepower solves human problems.

Till Nowak

Till Nowak is a digital artist and filmmaker, born in 1980. He graduated in 2005 at the University of Applied Sciences in Mainz, Germany. He is now based in Hamburg. Tills work has been exhibited in hundreds of international film festivals and was awarded with more than 40 first prizes. Since 1999 he runs his own studio, frameboX, focused on art and numeric animation.

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