Les nuits d'été

Feature film

Mario Fanfani

Country : France
Year :  2014
Length :  1h40
Genre :  Fiction
Information : color

Screenplay :  Mario Fanfani, Gaëlle Macé
Cinematography :  George Lechaptois
Sound :  Laurent Poirier, Sandy Notarianni, Ivan Gariel
Editing : François Quiqueré
Music : Rodolphe Burger

Cast : Guillaume de Tonquedec, Jeanne Balibar, Nicolas Bouchaud, Mathieu Spinosi

Production : 24 mai production
Distribution : Le Pacte


Les nuits d ete 4


Metz, East of France, 1959.Michel and Hélène Aubertin form a perfect couple. Michel is an ambitious notary and Hélène divides her time between charity work and raising their son Jacky. There is nothing unusual about them apart from the fact that Michel has a dark secret : every weekend, he goes to his second house to become Mylène beneath the gaze of Flavia, an experienced transvestite and his former comrade in arms during the phony war.

Summer nights, Mario Fanfani's first film, unveils, to the backdrop of the Algerian War, the widespread phenomenon of cross-dressing, which carries a strong political significance.
The film addresses the issues of difference and identity, going over the simple statement, thanks to the subtle performance of the actors and the musical hall scenes.

Mario Fanfani

After a short career as an actor, Mario Fanfani chose to become a director. His first short films, a trilogy entitled Un dimanche matin à Marseille (1999), co-produced by Charles Berling and the association Aides-Provence, revealed his vocation for militancy. Next, Arte gave Fanfani the opportunity to direct his first full-length movie for television in 2005, Une saison sibeliusSummer Nights is his feature directorial debut on the big screen.


Un dimanche matin à Marseille (trilogie de CM) (1999), Une saison sibelius (TV) (2005), Les Nuits d'été (2014)

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