My little croco

Program of short films

Program of 5 short films

Year :  2012- 2013
Length :  45'

Distribution : Autour de minuit

Autour de minuit2


Peur de voler

Conor Finnegan Irelande, 2012, dialogues,  9’09

Production : Lovely Productions

Dougal is a small bird with a fear of flying. At night his dreams are plagued with a recurring nightmare of falling towards earth and by day he walks wherever he needs to go rather than face this fear. When a harsh winter rolls around, Dougal must head South, but how? 

Les Hérissons et la ville

Evalds Lacis, Latvia,  2013, without dialogue,  10′

Production : Film studio “ANIMĀCIJAS BRIGĀDE” Ltd

One spring morning, animals wake-up from winter sleep and discover that the forest has been turned into a city.

Mon petit croco

Bagot-Caspar Étienne, Cohen Yohan, Mancone François, Pasta Maïckel, Topsy Milian, France, 2013, 6’30

Production : Supinfocom Arles

Mr Croco’s life is turned upside down the day he comes across a baby of a most unexpected kind… away.

Home sweet home

Pierre Clenet, Alejandro Diaz, Romain Mazenet, Stéphane Paccolat

France, 2013, 10’

Production : Supinfocom Arles

A house uproots and leaves for the adventure


Joël Simon, U-K, 2012, without dialogue, 8’00

Production : Flickerpix Animations

Two defective toys escape from their factory. Determined to join the other toys, they get lost in the big city.

Autour de minuit

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