Feature film

Jan Schomburg  

Country : Germany
Year :  2014
Length :  1h33
Genre :  fiction
Information : color, vostf

Screenplay :  Jan Schomburg
Cinematography :  Marc Comes
Sound :  William Franck, Andreas Hildebrandt
Editing :  Bernd Euscher
Production Design: Cora Pratz
 Tobias Wagner, Steven Schwalbe, Christopher Bremus

Cast : Maria Schrader, Johannes Krisch, Ronald Zehrfeld

Production :  Pandora Film Produktion
Distribution : Sophie Dulac Distribution

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Lena Ferben has gone through half of her life when she loses her memory and thus her entirety. He husband suddenly becomes a stranger and her friends unknown people; her life is transformed in real fiction. She is faced with a vital choice: to find again what she was or to become someone else.

With his second film, Jan Schomburg draws again a moving and sensitive portrait of a woman grappling with her memory and therefore her identity. Lena, remarkably performed, drives us towards a reflection on the idea of being a couple, of love and a certain kind of legacy.

Jan Schomburg

Jan Schomburg was born in Aachen in 1976. After studying film directing from the Kunsthochschule in Cologne, he won a fellowship to the Andrzej Wajda Film School in Warsaw in 2008. After making several short films, Above Us Only Sky (Public Award and Best Actress Award 13th European Film Festival in Essonne). Lena is his second feature film. 


Hotelzimmer 1942 (CM) (1999), Turnverein (CM) (2001), Nie solo Sein (CM) (2004), Esther (CM) (2005), L’Amour et rien d’autre (2011), Lena (2014)

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