Jutro mnie tu nie będzie (I Won't Be Here Tomorrow)

Short film

Julia Kolberger

Country : Poland
Year : 2010
Length : 28'
Genre : Fiction
Informations : Color – Vostf

Production : PWSFTviT

Screenplay : Julia Kolberger
Cinematography : Jakub Giza
Music : Radosław Łukaszewicz
Editing : Rafał Listopad, Przemysław Lisak



Marta is a 36‑year‑old doctor who lives with her mother. The film is a story of her attempts to free herself of her toxic mother’s influence. The secrets and resentments concealed by Poland’s wealthy middle class are difficult to break free from even when you are already an adult.

Julia Kolberger

Born in 1978 in Warsaw. She studied English, film studies and applied linguistics in Tours and Paris. She has worked as translator and a teacher of English at school. She graduated in directing from the Polish National Film School in Łódź. Her last films The Training, I Won't be here tomorrow and The Eastern Crumble won several main prizes in polish film festivals.


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