Short film

Hisko Hulsing

Country : Netherlands
Year : 2012
Lenght : 17’
Genre : Animation
Information : Color / Vostf

Screenplay : Hisko Hulsing
Music : Hisko Hulsing
Producer : Michiel Snijders & Arnoud Rijken

Production : Il Luster et CineTe


A man is being robbed and stabbed by a junkie and in that last second before he dies, a youth friendship flashes before his eyes. 

Hisko Hulsing

Hisko Hulsing majored in painting and animation at the art academy of Rotterdam in 1995. During an apprenticeship in the “Bratri v Triku” studio in Prague, he started working on his first animated film Harry Rents a Room. Hisko’s second film Seventeen was invited to numerous festivals, such as Annecy, Telluride, Montreal and Seattle, won several awards. Besides writing, directing, painting and animating for his animated films, Hisko made illustrations and storyboards for over 100 advertising- and production companies such as Saatchi & Saatchi and Czar. He directed and animated television leaders for MTV and Dutch broadcasting companies and creates comics which have been published in Eisner and Zone 5300. Hisko composes the orchestral soundtracks for his own films.

Junkyard, premiered  at the Annecy International Animation Festival in june 2012.

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