John Boorman

Saturday November 15th at8pm at le Calypso at Viry-Chatillon

Screening of John Boorman : Portrait directed by Philippe Pillard

Screening of Le Général directed by John Boorman


John Boorman was a young cinema prodigy. At the age of 18, he made a living as film critic on the radio and through writing articles for various magazines. He cut his teeth working on television as editor and
documentary director for the BBC. He launched his career thanks to the film Point Blank in 1967. In 1972, he directed what is probably his most famous film Deliverance, a real shock due to the violence that was brought out and the acerbic criticism of American society. Since then, he realized several great films, including Hope and Glory nominated at the Academy Awards, The General (Best director award at the Cannes Festival), Hell inthe Pacific, The Tailor of Panama and Excalibur, which is likely to remain the masterpiece of his career. A real nomad in the film industry, Boorman has been moving around between the United States, England and Ireland for over thirty-five years. His last film, Queen and Country has just been released, as an echo to Hope and Glory.


John Boorman : Portrait directed by Philippe Pillard

Le Général directed by John Boorman