Joe Strummer : The Future is Unwritten


Julien Temple

Country : United-Kingdom
Year : 2007
Genre : Documentaire
Lenght : 2h03
Infos : Couleur - Vostf

Cinematography : Ben Cole
Editing: Mark Reynolds, Niven Howie, Tobias Zaldua
Music supervisor : Ian Neil
Archives Producer : Sam Dwyer
Producers : Jeremy Thomas, Amanda Temple, Anna Campeau

Distribution : Surreal Distribution


As the front man of The Clashs from 1977 onwards, Joe Strummer changed people life's forever. Five years after his death, his influence reaches out around the world. Joe Strummer : The Future is unwritten  is a Joe Strummer's portrait without any indulgence, not just as a musician and rock legend, but as a true witness of our times. After his movie Vigo, Passion for Life, tribute to the French filmmaker, Julien Temple came back in 2000 with The filth and the Fury, his second Sex Pistol's documentary, with television and personal archives mixed with some sequences from Hamlet and Richard III. In 2007, he is back with two musical documentaries : Joe Strummer: The Future Is Unwritten, based on The Clash lead singer and Glastonbury, a view on one of the biggest rock festival in the world.

Julien Temple

Julien Temple graduated from the National Film School. While attending the School, he started filming Sex Pistols' rehearsals and shows. it has been the beginning of a career devoted to his passion of music. . Après avoir signé Vigo, histoire d'une passion, sur la vie du cinéaste français, Julien temple revient au documentaire en 2000 avec l'Obscénité et la fureur, sondocumentaire qui associe images du Londres des années 70, extraits télévisés de l'époque, archives personnelles et séquences tirées d'Hamlet et de Richard III. En 2007, il est doublement de retour avec les documentaires musicaux Joe Strummer : The Future Is Unwritten, centré sur le leader des Clash, et Glastonbury, plongée fièvreuse au coeur d'un des plus grands festivals de rock au monde.


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