Jimmy’s Hall

Feature film

Ken Loach 


Country : United Kingdom / France/ Ireland
Year :  2014
Length :  1h49
Genre :  fiction
Information : color, vostf

Screenplay :  Paul Laverty
Cinematography :  Robbie Ryan
Sound :  Ray Beckett
Editing :  Jonathan Morris
Production Design: Fergus Clegg
George Fenton
Producer :  Rebecca O'Brien

Cast : Barry Ward, Simone Kirby, Andrew Scott

Production : Sixteen Films, Element Pictures, Wild Bunch / Why Not Productions
Distribution : Le Pacte

Jimmys hall 2014 ken loach 01


Jimmy Gralton is back home, in Ireland, after having being exiled for his actions in favour of the community. In his county, young people are asking him to fight again, that is to reopen the « Hall », where dancing and fun go with community-based education. This happens to the great displeasure of the Church and land owners, who see there a germ of subversion. Christophe Kantcheff

Jimmy's Hall unfolds in the 30's, 10 years after the civil war told in The Wind that shakes the barley, a film which brought Ken Loach the Palme d'Or in 2006. The « modernity » of Loach's last film, which is less lyrical is not so obvious. However, Jimmy’s Hall echoes with today's concerns of citizen collectives, professionals' struggles, social movements and political organisations. This is about crucial issues such as alliances, leadership, strategies to follow... Christophe Kantcheff

Christophe Kantcheff is a journalist, film critic and director. He is the editor-in-chief of the weekly magazine, Politis.

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