Jacques Doillon

Director, scriptwriter, actor


On the occasion of the release of his latest film, Mes séances de lutte, the festival is thrilled to welcome director Jacques Doillon and to give him an award for his 40-year career as a filmmaker. Rare and intense art pieces, Jacques Doillon’s films stay within us for a long time, his look on things being so true and touching.

Conversation with Jacques Doillon following by the screening of the film:

Mes séances de lutte

Wednesday November 13th at 8:30pm at Ciné 220 (Brétigny-sur-orge)


Born in 1944, Jacques Doillon got his start in film as an editor. He has directed many films in the 80’s and 90’s, and hasn’t stopped since then. His 27th feature film will be release in november 2013. Jacques Doillon imposed through all his films his own style, always giving the priority to intense but accurate dialogue. One of his favorite topic is about crisis in relationships and children and teenagers. As a wonderful actor’ director, he loves directing beginners for which he creates strong leading roles always asking them to go deeper in their characters, as for example Jane Birkin in La Pirate, in 1984 or the duet Isabelle Huppert and Béatrice Dalle in La Vengeance d’une femme, in 1988 and more recently Sara Forestier and James Thiérrée in 2013.