Feature film

Stefano Mordini

Country: Italia
Year : 2013 
Lenght : 1h35 
From : D’Acier of Silvia Avallone (Acciaio, éd. Rizzoli, 2010) 
Cinematography : Marco Onorato
Editing : Jacopo Quadri, Marco Spoletini
Sound : Emanuele Cecere 
Producer : Fabio Carla

Cast : Michele Riondino, Vittoria Puccini, Anna Bellezza, Matilde Giannini

Production : Palomar Distribution : Bellissima Films

Le dossier de presse en PDF : dossier-presse-d-acier.pdf dossier-presse-d-acier.pdf




The Mediterranean see, the sunlight, and the Elba Island on the horizon. But it’s not a leisure spot. Factories and large projects recently grew from this soil. Anna and Francesca, two 14 years old, are the queens of this broken land. Together they are dreaming about travelling  and are counting  on their friendship to bring themselves into a brighter future.


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