C'est le bouquet

Feature film

Jeanne Labrune 

Country : France
Year :  2002
Length :  1h39
Genre :  fiction
Information : color, 35mm

Screenplay :  Jeanne Labrune, Richard Debuisne
Cinematography :  Christophe Pollock
Editing :  Guy Lecorne
Production Design: Emile Ghigo

Cast : Sandrine Kiberlain, Jean-Pierre Darroussin, Dominique Blanc, Mathieu Amalric

Production : Les Films Alain Sarde, StudioCanal, Art-Light Productions, France 2 Cinéma
Distribution : Bac Films


C est le bouquet 2


At seven o’clock in the morning, Catherine answers a call from a so-called Kirsch. This inopportune phone call drives her nervous. His partner Raphaël, pays for it without delay.

Jeanne Labrune

Jeanne Labrune wrote and directed eleven feature films of fiction whose some of them have been shown in Cannes Festival (Sand and Blood, Vatel) and in many others international festivals. Her cinematographic work mix all genres, from tragedy (Sans un cri, Si je t’aime prends garde à toi) to fancy (Ça ira mieux demain, C’est le bouquet, Cause toujours, Special Treatment). Her serious films are centered around passions, her fancies question with acuteness and humor the commonplaces of our time. In parallel, she continues a literary work, L’Obscur (Ed.Grasset) and Vision de barbès published this year. 

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