Cédric Kahn's cinema

Réalisateur, scénariste, acteur

Saturday Novembe 15th at cinema Le Cyrano at Montgeron :

5pm : Discussion with Yann Dedet, François Bégaudeau and Gaëlle Bantegnie

5pm45 : Screening of Roberto Succo directed by Cédric Kahn 

8pm30 : Screening of Vie Sauvage

Sunday November 16th at cinema from Espace Marcel Carné at Saint-Michel sur orge :

2pm30 : Screening of Le Conte de Cergy from Othon's collectif 

3pm45 : Discussion with François Bégaudeau, Gaelle Bantegnie and Joy Sorman

4pm45 : Screening of Vie sauvage 

8pm : Screening of Une vie meilleure  directed by Cédric Kahn

Cédric Khan entered the film industry at the age of 21, working as an editor with Yann Dedet on Maurice Pialat's film, Under the Sun of Satan. In 1991, he directed his first feature film, Bar des Rails, which was acclaimed by the critics for its freshness and accuracy at the Venice Film Festival. Having produced eclectic works and refusing to be categorized as a « naturalist filmmaker », he established himself as being an unclassifiable filmmaker, tackling litterary works ( L’Ennui, Feux rouges, L’Avion) as well as public interest stories (Roberto Succo) to make films that release a tense and strange atmosphere. Vie sauvage  is an example of the filmmaker's evolution and its unique position in French cinema.

Collectif Othon

The Othon Collective is devoted to fiction and documentary filmmaking  and includes about fifteen members, from Nantes or Paris, who are longtime friends and cinema lovers. Writers  Gaëlle Bantégnie, François Bégaudeau and Yamina Benahmed Daho, cinema professionals and teachers are among them. The Othon Collective is one of the rare collective cinema, whose production supports a singular/plural cinema and an exhilarating thought and invents a future where utopia can be realised within a powerful reality. This is also a cinema which doesn't lack humour either.

Le conte de Cergy