Baby balloon

Feature film

Stéfan Liberski

Country: Belgique
Year : 2013
Lenght : 1h24
Genre : fiction
Infos : color, vostf

Cast: Ambre Grouwels, César Domboy, Pauline Parigot, Philippe Rebbot, Isabelle De Hertogh, Allan Hoffmann, Valentin Vermeire, Arthur Orcier

Distribution: Pyramide Films



Bici is 18 and lives in Liège, in Belgium. Well-rounded and talented, she sings in a rock band whose guitar player, Vince, is her childhood friend. Bici has been secretly in love with him since day one. When Anita comes into the band's life and into Vince's life, Bici attemps to drive this intruder out.


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