André S. Labarthe s'expose. Le chat au chapeau


Céline Gailleurd and Olivier Bohler

Country : France
Year : 2011
Length : 30'
Genre : Documentary
Information : Color


In 1982, André S. Labarthe finds on the edge of the road, in Spain, a run-over cat, whih looks to him as the photogramme of a lost film, that would sum up this death.

Céline Gailleurd

In parallel of articles redaction for several magazines, Céline Gailleurd directed documentaries, after being the assitant of Agnès Varada on the movie Les plages d'Agnès. Her work around the exhibition Voyage(s) en Utopie (at the Centre Pompidou, 2006), résulted to several publications for collective books, and the direction of a the documentary Jean-Luc Godard, le désordre exposé (2012, co-directed with Olivier Bohler). She is also a temporary teacher at the Decorative Art Superior National School in Paris, and also a teacher in the Universities Paris III and VII.

Olivier Bohler

Afyer studying Literature and Cinema, specialising in Pier Paolo Pasolini and Jean-Pierre Melville, he taught film studies at the Univsersity of Provence before devoting himself to screenwritting. He is, along with Raphaël Millet, one of the founders of Nocturnes Productions, a film production company created in 2007.


Saturday, November 24th at 5.30p.m. at the movie theater Jacques Prévert (Les Ulis), in presence of the directors.

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