Feature film

Athina Rachel Tsangari

From 15 years-old

Country : Greece
Year : 2010
Length : 1h35
Genre : Fiction
Information : Color/Vostf

Screenplay : Athina Rachel Tsangari
Cinematography : Thimios Bakatakis
Sound : Leandros Ntounis
Editing : Sandrine Cheyrol, Matt Johnson
Artistic direction : Dafni Kalogianni
Producers : Maria Hatzakou, Yorgos Lanthimos, Iraklis Mavroidis, Athina Rachel Tsangari, Angelos Venetis

Cast : Ariane Labed, Vangelis Mourikis, Evangelia Randou, Yorgos Lanthimos

Production : Haos Films
Distribution : Bodega Films

Download the press kit in french here

Press kit Attenberg.pdf Press kit Attenberg.pdf


Marina, 23, lives with her father in an industrial city on the coast. Keeping her distances with human being that she judges too strange, she prefers listening songs by Suicide, watching animal’s documentaries by Sir David Attenborough and taking sexual education class with her only friend Bella. While a stranger comes into her life, she must prepare to let a father leave it…

Attenberg is about mourning: the one of childhood, certitudes and death, and emancipation in a cruel world all over us. The director has a tender look at these characters; she observes them like Marina watches animals’ observations, of Sir David Attenborough’s documentaries.

Athina Rachel Tsangari

She lives and works between her natal Greece and the United States. She graduated from the University of Thessaloniki (literature), from the Tisch School of Arts in New-York (performing studies), and from the University of Austin (directing). She is the creator and co founding of Cinematexas International Short Film Festival in Austin, which highlights avant-garde cinema and music. She is producer, director, director of photography and editor on documentaries or feature films. She is also known for a big scale projection of dance, theater and her performances; she realizes in 2004 the video of the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games of Athens. She founded in 2005 Haos Film, which produced the 2 first movies of her actor in Attenberg, Yorgos Lantimos, Kinetta and Canine (Un Certain Regard Award at the Cannes Festival in 2009).


The Slow Business of Going (2001), Instants Instants (2008), Réflexions (2009), Attenberg (2010)


Wednesday, November 14th at 6p.m. at the movie theater Le Calypso (Viry-Châtillon).

Saturday, November 17th at 3.30p.m. at the movie theater François Truffaut (Chilly-Mazarin) and at 6p.m. at the movie theater Le Calypso (Viry-Châtillon).

Sunday, November 18th at 3p.m. at the movie theater Atmosphère (Marcoussis) and at 6p.m. at the movie theater François Truffaut (Chilly-Mazarin).

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