Europe as they see it

Le silence de Lorna - Charlotte Garson

Critic of cinema, works in Cahiers du cinéma.

Tuesday November 14th at 9PM, at the Cinoches (Plateau) in Ris Orangis

Le silence de Lorna directed byJean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne

The beauty of the Dardenne brothers' look at life's adversities – and Europe's current ones – entails a refusal:  that of right thinking. Lorna, an Albanian immigrant who is struggling to make her way and open a boutique, is a priori a victim of the system which makes life hard for new arrivals. But to survive, as we know from the betrayal of the eponymous character in Rosetta, is sometimes to deny another's humanity, to silence one's conscience for a moment, to look elsewhere while a neighbour turns a blind eye. Lorna's silence tells the story of awakening from this conscience 'blackout'.
Charlotte Garson


Paysage dans le brouillard - Christophe Kantcheff

Associate editor of the review Politis.

Thursday November 22th at 8:30Pm, at the Espace Marcel Carné at Saint-Michel-sur-Orge

Paysage dans le brouillard directed by Théo Angelopoulos

Theo Angelopoulos died in January aged 76. The circumstances of his death are unfortunately emblematic of the drama his country, Greece has undergone for the past few years. Run over by a motorbike, the filmmaker, suffering from numerous injuries, had to wait 30 to 40 minutes for an ambulance to arrive. This was the third ambulance to come to his aid, the first having broken down, the second setting off from a hospital that was too far away. An example of the possible consequences of being in a country whose public services have been ransacked. Theo Angelopoulos died on the set of his latest film, specifically dedicated to the financial crisis, to Greece's bankruptcy and that of Europe.

Paysage dans le brouillard, made in 1988, which recounts the initiatory journey taken by two children in search of their father, is amongst his most beautiful films. Including it here is a form of homage and a means by which to protest.
Christophe Kantcheff