Portrait of filmmaker

Marco Bellochio

Thursday November 12th at cinéma Jacques Prévert (Les Ulis) with René Marx.

6pm30 : Presentation with René Marx following by Buongiorno, notte

8pm30 : Sangue del mio sangue 

Bellocchio 1

«  Marco Bellocchio was born in Plaisance. […] While a film student, he directed several short films around the themes of students’ revolt, criticism of family and antic mythology. He wrote the script of Fists in the Pocket in London, in 1965. The film, which was unusual had an international success. Lou Castel, who played in the film became Bellocchio’s  alter ego. […] In 1968, overwhelmed by his twin brother’s suicide, he threw himself in political activism and made several short films for the Italian Union of marxist-leninist communists. […] In 1977, Marco Bellocchio met psychoanalyst Massimo Fagioli, who had a deep influence on his following films. With The Nanny (1999), and particularly My Mother's Smile (2002) and Buongiorno, notte (2003), his favorite themes (power, insanity, family) appeared under a new angle allowing him to reach a larger audience. […] Although he is a contemporary of Bernardo Bertolucci, his career took a different path. Far away from international success, the work he has developed over the years has been marked by revolt and the sense of the absolute and derision. Passionate about psychoanalysis, his work is full of metaphors and deeply autobiographical, without any self-pity. » René Marx, Encyclopaedia Universalis