More Europe. Even more.

When we decided to support European cinema 17 years ago, it was not a fad but a deliberate commitment from the Cinessonne cinema network towards a cinema which falls within a changing history. The reasons for this commitment haven’t changed. On the contrary. Access to theatres has become harder and harder for young European authors and is usually brief. The work accomplished by French cinemas networks is therefore inestimable.

Let’s continue. Even more.

Although last year we reached the highest number of visitors since the creation of the Festival and proposed a 100% European edition hosting 50 guests, we lost the support of « Creative Europe » after having been part of the program for 7 years.

Another paradox. One more.

Many festivals have been weakened or cancelled in the last few years. Culture is hardly a luxury. Cultural action makes us grow, individually and collectively. A hinge between transmission and discovery. Something vital!

Let’s continue. Even more.

The 17th edition will be indeed about discoveries and transmissions. Immense pleasure to welcome John Boorman, Patrice Leconte. As well as Cédric Anger, Vania Leturcq, Pierre-Luc Granjon, Aurélien Verhnes-Lermusiaux.
And many other filmmakers invited in the different sections of the Festival.

Although this year there is no artistic jury, European and French competitions of feature and short films will provide opportunities to discover (and rediscover) filmmakers.

The Audience Prize (Grand Prize) and the students’ juries have remained and two new juries have been created : The La Carte Prize and The Student Jury for Best Short film.

The Festival prizes show strong commitment and support to film distribution and creation. Filmmaker Magnus von Horn, who won the Grand Prize for Best Short Film in 2010 is coming back to the Festival this year to present in competition his first feature film, partly made with the grant he received for his prize.

Transmission again with the 20th anniversary of « Collège au cinéma » in Essonne (High Schools at the cinema), which will be celebrated throughout 2016 and launched during this edition. This event is part of various initiatives developed by Cinessonne involving primary schools and high schools throughout the year.

Transmission again with « Cinema and Memory » (Carte Blanche), the « Cinematograhic Archives » program, workshops for young film lovers, « Looks on the Resistance » and « Football and Cinema ».

And again, the Come on Youth! program, Vents d’Est 08 (Eastern Winds - France/Poland), the Young Audiences Program… 

We would like to thank all the Festival’s partners, The Essonne Departmental Council, The Ile de France Regional Council, the Cultural Action Regional Office, The Ministry of Cultural Affairs, The Ministry of National Education.

All private partners who will support us throughout this edition

All cultural partners who helped us selecting films and organising the Festival.

All the guests of the Festival

All the Member Towns of the Cinessonne network

All the Festival team.

You were more than 18 000 people taking ownership of the Festival last year. There is no reason to stop. Let’s continue. Even more!

Pascal Platel                                                                Éric Dalizon

President of the festival                                               Director





As a partner of Cinessonne, the local cinemas network in our department, the Departmental Council is pleased to present the program of the 17th edition of the Essonne’s European Film Festival.

Cinessonne unites 15 local cinemas in Essonne, which represent local cultural facilities that bring to life the heart of our towns; it is also in charge of the mobile cinema in South Essonne.

All the territory is therefore connected to this initiative, which promotes cultural activities and social interactions.

The Departmental Council’s cinema policy integrates the Ministry of National Education, the Cinematography National Centre, multimedia libraries and Community After School Programs in order to provide Essonnians access to the the 7th Art.

Our efforts focus particularly on High schools through the « Collège au cinema » initiative, of which we will celebrate the 20th anniversary in Essonne this year and which reaches 10 000 high school students each year.

For adults and children, particularly for high school students who have the opportunity to be members of the Jury to select the Best Short Film and to give the award to the winner, it is a place for discovery; for teachers and librarians, it is a place for training; and for the people of Essonne, it is a place for encounters both with young artists and with acclaimed filmmakers. The festival is at the same time a journey between Europe and the cinema around the corner and a cultural bridge between all the towns in Essonne.

From 10 to 22 November, don’t miss the screening!


François DUROVRAY  (President of the Department Council)                                                               Aurélie GROS (Vice President to the Culture of the                                                                                                                                                                                           Department Council)