The Festival will present the current projects and achievements of two filmmakers, who were present at previous editions of the Festival. Throughout the year 2015, Cinessonne theatres will follow their working process through regular meetings, projections and the “Carte Blanche” program.

Amélie Harrault

Wednesday November 19th at 8pm30 at Cinema Marcel Carné (Saint-Michel-sur-Orge)
Screening of the short film Mademoiselle Kiki et les Montparnos following by th Work in progress of the TV show Les Aventuriers de l’Art Moderne with Amélie Harrault and her producer Judith Nora

Amélie Harrault won the Audience Award for Best French Short Film at the 15th edition of the Essonne's European Film Festival with Mademoiselle Kiki and les Montparnos. Being an animation filmmaker, she actually works on a series produced by Arte Channel, Les Aventuriers de l'Art Moderne, adapted from Dan Franck's trilogy: Bohèmes, Libertad! and Minuit.


Les Aventuriers de l’Art Moderne

Mademoiselle Kiki et les Montparnos


Isabelle Brocard

Saturday November 22nd at Bibliothèque Charlotte Delbo at Vigneux-sur-Seine (63, avenue Henri-Barbusse)

Reading of the script Romy by the actress Véronique Ruggia

Meeting with Isabelle Brocard:

Saturday November 15th at 1pm30 at Cinema Atmosphère (Marcoussis) and screening of 17 ans by Didier Nion, at 4pm15 at Cinoches (Ris-Orangis)

Saturday November 22th at 2pm15 Couleur de peau miel by Jung et Laurent Boileau, at Cinoches (Ris Orangis)


Isabelle Brocard, scriptwriter and director of the feature film, Ma compagne de Nuit (2011), participates as well in High school projects. She was a Member of the Jury at the 14th edition of the Essonne's European Film Festival in 2012. Isabelle Brocard is currently developing directing workshops finished to write the script of Romy, her next feature film.

17 ans

Mademoiselle Kiki et les Montparnos