French Selection

Alice Douard

Born in Bordeaux in 1985, Alice Douard focuses on contemporary art and music. She studies art history before going to Paris where she studies film. She gets admitted to La fémis in the film directing department. Extrasystole is her graduation film.

  • Tenir la nuit
  • What's up girls?
  • Extrasystole

Fabien Gorgeart

After gaining experience working in Theatre as an assistant director and an actor, Fabien Gorgeart directed five short films, which were nominated or awarded in numerous international festivals. He obtained the Jury Prize at the last edition of the Clermont-Ferrand Film Festival for Le sens de l’orientation. He currently works on his first feature film produced by Petit Film.


  • Comme un chien dans une église
  • Le Sens de l'orientation

Emilie Noblet

After studying litterature, Emilie entered La fémis in the Cinematography Department. She made her first short film in 2012 with the Film Group of essays and researchs (G.R.E.C). Kid’s Stuff is her third film and About Anna is her graduation film as both the director and the cinematographer.

  • A propos d'Anna
  • Trucs de gosse

Vladilen Vierny

Born in Moscow, Vladilen Vierny first discovered Europe by living around ten years in Belgium. He is now a student in the directing program of La fémis. Exil is his graduation film.

  • 219
  • Exil
  • Shopping