Official Selections

New meetings and reunions…
Besides the new features of the 15 parallel with the “traditional competition” of European short and feature films, there will be reunions with Maryline Canto, Katell Quillevere, Serge Avedikian, Joe Lawlor and Christine Molloy, Stephane Riethauser, Vincent Mariette, Leo Marchand and Anne-Laure Daffis, all filmmakers who were guests or winners at previous editions.
A total of 15 feature films and 31 short films are in competition. The audience Prizes for feature films (European and French) will support financially the distribution of the awarded film as well as the director and film screenings at the Cinessonne movie theatres.
Another innovation is the 12 preludes, which will be shown in the first part of the opening and closing ceremonies as well as during the feature films Jury days (15-17 November) at Ris Orangis. 10+2 preludes composed by film archives gathered by Essoninan amateurs and presented by the Cineam Association.
The director Marion Hansel will chair the artistic jury of this edition. A jury of students will attribute a price to full-length films and, as for short films, they will be observed and discerned by juries of schoolchildren and high school students. The festival is especially a privileged time to welcome the public. Throughout the festival and the projections, the opportunities to attribut the Price of the Public to feature and short films will be numerous.